Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm Screwed !

I feel weird since i got up from bed. This 'soberness' keeps bugging my head. I'm suppose to hand in the bluetooth handset which arrived this afternoon to my friend and hopefully do some simulations as well. However, my mind keeps flowing somewhere else as i'm got high on smoke or something. I can't concentrate well in everything! Then the 'devil' take over and make me decided to stay put and do it all tomorrow. So much for a productive day ... !!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Farewell Mr. Miyagi

I just found out that actor Pat Morita, who starred in the hit movie 'The Karate Kid' died at the age of 73. Pat, who was famous for his character as a Japanese Sensei Mr. Miyagi, died of heart failure at Las Vegas hospital. I remember when i was a teen, i used to enjoy watching all 'The Karate Kid' movies ( i think there were three sequel). I mean who doesn't? That movie kick ass back in the 90's. I even got my hand on its video game on Nintendo soon after they released the movie!
Just about a week ago, i came across an interview with Pat and his wife on tv. The interview was merely about their life, how did they get to know each other and having a family together. That would be the first time (and the last i suppose) to see Pat on the screen after the movie. Anyway, to Pat Morita...rest in peace and may your movies continue to bring joy and happiness to the world!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Freezy Day

It has been cold cold days since the past few days while dense fog appears mostly during evening. Luckily it hasn't been windy and raining like it did last two weeks, otherwise things going to be really really bad for me! Imagine this, temperature is around 2 Celcius degrees and strong icy cold wind keeps blowing at you. The wind is so cold that you feel like it slicing you up bit by bit. Minutes later, you started to feel abit dizzy and end up having a major headache, which eventually ruin the day. Normally during this time around i would rather stay in my cozy room, hot drink on my right hand and remote control on the other. Unfortunately that's not gonna happen because i got lots of stuff to deal with especially my reasearch as im a bit lag from my schedule. Sometimes i find myself kinda ironic in certain things. For example, i would say to myself 'would it nice if i can have all the hot and damped Malaysia weather right here right now?'. And when i was back in Malaysia i would say the completely opposite of it. Maybe things just happen like that, you would not appreciate things that appear right in front of your eyes until you realized that it's gone.

I'm Back

Just had a chat with my friend Elaine who came back from an industrial placement for almost a year in London. Talking pretty much about how is life going on with her since the last time i chat with her was about 2-3months ago. I have no idea that she has her own blog until just now. I spent some time reading her blog and it was fantastic! She did a few trip around UK lately and the pictures she took are excellent. How i wish i can have a nice blog as her! At a certain part of her blog, something stroke me quite abit. She were mention about how journey can be different when you are with someone that you most comfortable with. Come to think about, at this moment of my life i have not get to know a true friend just as she described ( well, apart from my girlfriend!). And i think i will never find one. This may sound pathetic but i think personally that it is easy to get close friends but is very hard to get best friends. Close friends are the people who you looking forward to when you are in help or hang out with, as for best friends they actually know when you are in need without actually letting them know. Im not good in expressing my thoughts but hopefully anyone who read this actually knwo what am i trying to say.
So much for the friendship and stuff, got to hit the rack now. Hope to have a more productive day later.