Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Extraordinary People

People in the whole world started to take things into the next level. For example, music instruments are not played like they used to be. You have to put some extra touch of self-created skills to make it unique which lead to glamorous. Simple poker chips may also help to put you on the wall of fame if you come out with some amazing tricks.
Maybe i should start practicing on something that i am good at right now. Who knows one day my name will shine through the digital world ... !

Andy Mckee and his infamous way of tabbing guitar.

Poker chips tricks.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cat Boxing With Boxing Announcer

This is pretty funny. And oh ya, Happy Chinese New Year ... hope is not too late to say this.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

London Trip 2007

I went to London with one of my house mate last Saturday and came back the next day. He was attending an annual grand exhibition called 'Audio Jumper' (not sure if i got the name right) on vintage hi-fidelity in Kent, which is kind of a major event for all vintage music instruments enthusiasts. He was actually scouting for some vacuum tubes for his own amplifier and he manage to get his hand on some of it at a pretty good deal. Where as i, i was initially wanted to pay a visit to some stores which hold some of the great apparel design in street culture. Unfortunately, most of the stores are not open for business on Sunday which kinda frustrated me. At first i thought they just going to close early, never thought they will not open for business at all!

Night scene @ China town London

As soon as we checked in at The Malaysian Hall, we headed to China Town @ Soho for dinner. The whole street at China Town was decorated with lanterns and some traditional chinese banners as Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching. As always, China Town always crowded with all sorts of people whether they are local or tourists.

Bape store @ Upper James St.

The next day, we went on our own separate way. I went to check out Bape store which unfortunately as i mentioned earlier close on Sunday. As most of the items in the shop are pretty much available on eBay, i'm just actually want to compare the prices. They actually changed the sign board and to be honest i still prefer the old one!

Foot Patrol

Next stop, Foot Patrol. I walked almost 20 minutes to get there and guess what ... CLOSED ! Foot Patrol hold some of the finest sneakers design which brought me to it. Is pretty hard to find at first as it is not located on the main road. Like any other stores i've been, simple and neat store design. Hope to get in next time.

Local street perfomer @ Convent Garden

After wandering around the city for about 4 hours non-stop, eventually i get myself to Convent Garden. Convent Garden is quite popular with its street performance and open market. I came across this one surrounded by people, so i said to myself 'this must be good, right?'. So i stood there a for while and see what the fusses about. I don't know what is the exact name for this type of performance, the guy who dressed himself as an ancient Roman gladiator with two fake axes standing on his ground and do nothing until some money is being tossed to him. This has to be to funniest act i ever seen and you should check out his face impressions towards kids. There was even once a kid about four almost cried by this giant here.

What have i got from the trip? Some accessories for my ipod at Apple Store @ Regent Street. Hope to visit the stores that i was unable to next time !

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nike Swoosh French Fry On Ebay ... for $1000 USD ?!

Here is something you don't see people selling on eBay everyday, a piece of french fry shaped like a Nike swoosh for $1000 USD. More details here. This is for a limited time only, so grab yourself a bargain today!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Back From London

Just got back from London and i have to say man it was exhausting! I been walking around the city for like 3-4 hours non-stop searching for the shop that i was looking for despite all the windy and drizzling weather. Is good that London not as cold as i was expected. Now I'm too tired to continue my story, more update after this.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

~Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow~

One of my favorite moment during winter is snowing, i mean lots of it! Somehow i just enjoy the view and the feeling of it. Of course when i say 'enjoy' i mean staying in my cozy room and watching it pour, not while your walking around and get yourself cold and wet. For the past 4 years, i think today is the longest ever it happen. It started at 7 pm last night and now i don't see any sign that it will stop. Hope this go forever!

View from the front of my house.

Outside the church house.

Just so you know, my house mate Bob is getting married today! I can't believe this is happening to him, i guess he truly found his better half. The wedding is taking place in one of the church about 10 minutes from my house. I was there doing some setup with him and i think this is going to be fantastic. Plus how often you going to get married while it still snowing? I guess never. Nevertheless, to Bob and Esther, congratulations on your wedding and hope you guys enjoy your new life as a married couple that you about to embark!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gwash ... !

I just find out that my sister Beatrice have been writing her own blog like long before mine. Been reading hers and looks really funny and entertaining, which i think better than mine! Well, at least she talk like anything and update it frequently plus loads of pictures which makes it more interesting.
Is a pity i don't own a digital camera, otherwise it's going to be a colourful site!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dave Chapelle ...

More videos on one of my favorite comedian.

Knee High Park

Tupac Skit

Real Internet

Friday, February 02, 2007

How To Shower : Men Vs Women

True true ... !!!