Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Farewell Lee !!

Lee (Monkey) leaving back to Malaysia this morning. I didn't sleep well since 6 o'clock 'caused that was the time he woke up and did his final packing and make all this squeaky noises from his room. But as i was try to get back to sleep again, my mind keep wondering if he pack all the things or did he miss something. There is a bit of sadness in me knowing that he is leaving back home but on the other hand i feel happy for him as i know how much he wanted to go back home after all the shitty things that happened to him a year ago. We came to UK together about 4 1/2 half years ago and staying in the same house for that amount of time make me understand him more. No doubts there were ups and downs during this period of time but hey, he is a great lad after all! I am really looking forward to meet him on my next trip back to home (most likely on July) and hope he achieve what he has been aiming for back in Malaysia. Till then Monkey, farewell and all the best !

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Against Counterfeit Products

The abundant amount of counterfeit items being auctioned on eBay nowadays has really shaken buyer's confidence. I have been active in eBay for almost 3 years now and no doubts i also came across a few of these bogus items. It's really frustrating when you are paying something that is not what you anticipated. Sellers on eBay have to come up with all sort of statements or policies to gain attention and confidence from their potential buyers. Some of them really take it seriously that they will do anything if their customer not happy with their merchandise. Take this for instance, this seller not only will refund you 10000000 times of the price you paid but also he will EAT the entire item if you discover any doubt of the item's authenticity. It's pretty convincing i have to say!

Check the highlighted statement.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Apple Engineering

It's Easter Monday, the campus is closed until Tuesday and I'm not schedule to be working today (which i think i should 'cause is 1.5 pay!). Feel a bit bored, therefore i went update the songs in my iPod.
Little did i know, although you tend to delete some of the songs you don't feel like listening to through iTunes, those songs remain in your iPod and there is literally no way (not that i am aware of presently) that you can delete them. I just realized this when i was browsing the 'artist' column in the iPod and discover the old songs that i have deleted sometimes ago. I tried all the possible ways that comes up on my mind and it is still taking all the spaces.
So i looked through Google and check if there is any alternative way to sort this out. And then i came across this software called YamiPod which i read from a forum and it is pretty much recommended by most of iPod users out there. The functionality and the features is quite resemblance iTunes plus some extra functions that allow you to edit the stored files . I found it very useful and user friendly, most importantly i can delete all the songs that i don't intend to keep in my iPod. It is a highly recommended freeware and you should give it a try if you're facing the similar problem.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

Today mark the day where Jesus Christ being crucified, died and was buried. This is one of the most important day in the Christian calender where it involve a number of readings and meditations. As for Roman Catholic (RC) Christians, today also known as the Fast Day where RC Christians only have a small amount of food for the whole day as a commemoration of Jesus's death.

The statue of Our Lady of Sorrows (or La Pietà) used during the Good Friday procession. (Adapted from Wikipedia)

The last time i celebrated Good Friday in a true religious way is when i was first baptised back in 1996, i was 17 then. Back then the whole celebration through out the week was fascinating as that was the first time i was exposed to this custom. Since then i never actually participate in this celebration the way a Christian should be, which make me feel sort of guilty sometimes. I really hope i can do that especially when i still here in England to endure the way it is celebrated compare to back in home.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Alanis Morissette's 'My Humps'

This is a music video by Alanis Morissette singing the cover version of ' My Humps' by Black Eyed Peas in a complete different way. I think this is the best music makeover that i heard so far. By altering the music and tune, she comes out with a surprisingly awesome piece of work. From Hip Hop to Sentimental if you will ! I'll bet you can't tell when you first listen to it.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Two Otters Holding Hands !

Check this out, two otters are holding hand like a couple while floating themselves in a pond at Vancouver Aquarium. How adorable !

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Supreme S/S Collections are here in UK !

Yesterday was the day where the first batch of Supreme Spring/Summer 2007 collections being sold officially here in the UK, retailed by The Hideout at London and Hip at Leeds. It's pretty exciting knowing you can actually grab some of the dopest design on early 2007 from the well known street wear brand. Initially, i was planning to queue for the store to open for business at 10pm yesterday morning in Leeds but end up couldn't wake up from bed. So i went there a bit late in the afternoon to check out what is left worth to be copped.
As i was expected, all Mike Tyson tees are sold out which is kind of my intention to get one myself at the first place. However, i manage to get the 'New World Order' tee in grey. Thinking of getting it in red but grey is too attractive to repel. I was talking to one of the staff who works there and he said that there was quite a long queue before they open for business that morning. About a dozen of Tyson tee (in black and white) been sold in seconds just like hot cakes! Anyway, hope i can experience the excitement next time!

Supreme ' New World Order' tee.

I also grab a free copy of the Nike air Force 1 Spring '07 catalogue. The catalogue actually depict a brief explanation about the history of Air Force 1 and what is coming up in conjunction with its 25 anniversary. It's a pretty intrigue design i have to say plus a few pages with the coming up shoes design, is worth a look!

Cover of the catalogue.

Upcoming shoes.