Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shooter Alert !

I should have post this last night but i was a bit tired so here it is ...

Last night at about 10:30pm, a couple of customers came in and told us that there was a wreckless shooter wandering around the city. One of the manager who came in also told us that he actually heard two round of shots right below his apartment which is 5 minutes from our restaurant. Police car were patrolling around the city looking for the suspect. Hope they manage to held the suspect in custody, otherwise i have to go home in fear again tonight! Later ...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Can White People Dance?

Been watching this for a few times, still find it funny. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Windy days !

It has been extremely windy this couple of days, strong gales have been reported all over the UK. There even an incident where a truck was actually flipped over due to it and cause some casualties. Apart from heading to work, i stay at home all the time. I just can't imagine myself struggling over this ridiculous weather outside!
Anyway, it has been quite a busy week. First of all, my landlord finally made up his mind on installing the new doors plus double glazing windows after almost 3 months! The installation were taking place last Tuesday and it took just 2 days to finish the whole thing. Didn't sleep well during this time 'cause the room is completely messed up. Then me and my mates took like another few hours to tidy up the whole house. This time is much better than the last when we got our house installed the new heating system. After staying here for 5 years, i literally realize what is it like to live in a house that suppose to be during winter! I mean before this we were like living in a fridge where cool wind all over the house with crappy old heating system that not even capable to heat up our room. Well, those days are over and i started to enjoy my stay here more!
Got some new stuff dropped at my front door this week. First is my Nike Air Rift in black leather and orange fabric. Like the shoe very much and i can't imagine how comfortable it is.

Nike Air Rift in black leather and orange fabric.

My Head Porter wallets all the way from Japan are here too. Credits have to be given to the shop owner for processing my order lightning fast, hope to shop from them again! I got a HP Tanker in olive green (initially not my plan) and a HP x Carhartt wallet in black. Knowing that HP merchandises are well-known in the world, i didn't aware how fast all these items sold out. I have to going through a few sites in the UK as well as in Japan to get this babies. The size are kinda bigger than i thought but love them overall!

HP in olive green and collab with Carhartt.

Lastly and this just in this morning, my new pair of Levi's Vintage 1947 501 Road Rash. I was a bit disappointed with it as i wouldn't expected it would be this slim. On the up side, the color and washed are awesome! I'm still not sure whether i should return this back to the shop or keep it. See how it goes.

Levi's Vintage 1947 501 Road Rash.

P/S: You probably think that i am a big spender and spend all money on these stuffs. FYI, i'm just happen to make some extra money on eBay (thank you and long live to eBay!) and i'm just getting something to cheer myself up after going through some shitty work. Besides, this happen only once a year so no big deal!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

My First Nike Air Max 1

Went for window shopping in Leeds with my mate this afternoon and i manage to get my hand on a new pair of Nike Air Max 1 Re Grind Pack. This is my first pair of Nike in 5 years which sounds kinda long to me, the last pair i got was Nike Shox when it was first released. It was the unique colour combination of this shoe that really caught my eye, orange-grey leather upper then finished with light purple base. I just realized that purple-grey is an excellent colour combination. The best part of this is that i only paid £45 instead of £70, which i think is a great deal considering most Air Max 1 prices start from £70. God i just love this time around of the year!

Side view of my new Air Max 1 Re Grind Pack.

Front and back.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I got my ipod !

Finally, my ipod is here! I was so excited that as soon as i saw the mailman coming i ran downstairs and open the door right after he rang the bell. Come to think about, i think i'm kind of scared him a bit! Anyway, the ipod Nano is really cool and apart from being just a music player it also got extra features such as games, contact list and others. No wonder this voted as the best gadget of all time. For your information, this [red] ipod is a special edition where a portion from this purchase will go to the World Aids Foundation. Since i'm decided to get one, might as well do some charity at the same time!

My Red ipod.

Personal laser engravement.