Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Negarakuku ....

Highly debated video made by our very own Malaysian producer. Awesome !!

No Connection On My Broadband !!!

The last few days has been really really frustrating as my internet come and go, well it went off most of the time. Now only i realize how much internet has been part of my daily life. I know this may sound silly and ridiculous but i got really upset and angry whenever the connection is interrupted. I also become less cheerful as though i missed some of my daily routine. It seems to me that internet has also change my feeling and mood indirectly. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or bad but i don't think i can survive without using the internet for a very long time.

Wanted to write something about what i encountered for the past week but due to unable to connect to the internet recently, i don't feel like writing them down now. Maybe next time!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Living Room = Warehouse

It's been raining to whole day and most of my outdoor activities for today are pretty much suspended. Watched a few episodes of Chinese drama still won't ease the boredom, so i was thinking of cleaning up my living room.
Every time when i step into my living room i kept telling myself to tidy it up a bit as things started to pile up. It is so messed up that people would have thought we just move in where in fact we been staying there for the past 5 years! You can almost find various types of junks here, from a completely flatted-tire bicycle to boxes filled with old notes and stuff. I even threw away my shoe box where our tiny little critters live. I called it the warehouse mainly because most of my house mates place their unnecessary items there so that they can have a more spacious room. I was tempted to throw all these shit away a few times before, but since most of the stuff doesn't belong to me i just kept it as it is.

My living room a.k.a. the warehouse.

Anyway, my will of tidy up the living room started to deteriorate soon as i see the condition. I'm not even sure where to start! Therefore, i decided to forfeit my plan for today and hopefully i can clean it up not very long from now.

Who would have expect to see a bed base right next to the front door?

Saturday, July 07, 2007

July 7th 2007 ... a.k.a. 3 Sevens, Triple Sevens, 777, ...

Ah yes, 7th July 2007, the day that been highly anticipated by everyone in the whole world. Most people think that today will bring good fortune and luck, for gambling of course. Astrology claimed that today is the day for celebrating love, which is why you may came across over the internet how couples all around the world decided to tie the knot in this magical day.

Well, to me today seems pretty usual to me. Unlike many others who planned ahead just to celebrate it, i'm just doing what i do. Nevertheless, i do like to mark this special day by posting this on my blog just to recall what i did if i ever have the chance to read it back. Some people would go crazy that they will try to gamble in their local casino with $77,777 just as a good luck charm.

And then i was thinking, were there people celebrated on June 6th 2006 last year? I'm sure there are some minority who actually celebrated the birth of Satan or whatever it is that associated devils and evil spirit. What about August 8th 2008 or September 9th 2009 and so on? Will it be as merry as today?

Anyway, hope these lucky number Sevens will bring good luck and fortune to all of you.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Itnesreitng Rsrecaeh

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

National URSI Symposium 2007 @ Portsmouth University

I was on a trip to Portsmouth with my colleagues last Sunday to attend this year National URSI Symposium at the University of Portsmouth under the expenses of my supervisor. Last year it was held at Abingdon, Oxford and unfortunately we were only manage to make it a day trip and we didn't actually walk around the city that much. This time we are definitely enjoyed the trip much much more than the last as we spent 2 days and 1 night there.

We travelled there in a seven-seated family car which hired by the university. You probably think the whole journey was comfortable in a spacious vehicle. Just so you know, there were seven of us and i think this is the most uncomfortable trip that i ever been. Imagine yourself being squeezed in between two persons and stay like that for almost 4 hours. Nevertheless, we do stopped by during the trip for some rest and food but still is pretty exhausted.

Soon as we reached our accommodation, we took a short rest and freshen up ourselves. This is the view in front of our hostel. Amongst all cities located along the beach that i visited, i think so far Portsmouth is my favourite. The scenery and the environment is absolutely breath-taking. I also like the idea where there is a wide open park-alike field open for the public to do their social activities and sports like jogging, walking their dogs and so on.

This is the World War 2 memorial statue to commemorate those soldiers who died defending this country. It's located about 15 minutes from our hostel and the tall statue itself is about four storeys high. Very impressive!

Here i am, standing in front of what it seems to be a huge anchor from one of the ship involved in the Trafalgar Battle. I'm not familiar with the story but i guess it's historically famous, so i took a picture of it.

On the next day, we headed to the conference venue which located at the Business School of Portsmouth University. The conference kick off with some presentations represented from various affiliates including us while the poster session which i am attending took place in the late afternoon.

This is me standing in front of my poster. Unlike the previous URSI Symposium, this time the chairmans of the symposium will select one of the best poster presentation and will be awarded with a certificate and prize money. Luckily my friend won the prize and from the look of his face i think he is quite unexpected and thrill at the same time. Congrats Dawei !

Soon as the oral presentations in morning session was over, we decided to look around at the city centre where the Spinnaker Tower is located before our poster presentation take place later. I'm not sure about the exact height of the tower but it is definitely the most popular landmark here in Portsmouth. The video that i took at the main entrance illustrates more information about the tower.

There are actually 3 viewing decks on top of the tower where you be able to view the entire harbour. At the first deck, there is about 5 meters long of thick glass on the deck floor where you can walk on it to give you an idea how high is the tower. I gave it a try and the experience is absolutely exciting and scary! I was literally sweating myself during the walk, picturing what will happen to me if i fall right through the glass.

My friend Hussaini from Nigeria (the black African in the video) was terrified when he first stepped on the glass, he only put his foot the reinforce bars!

This is the view from the glass floor. Scary!

Me showing off by sitting on the floor where in fact i was sweating my ass off!
Notice that i am too sitting near to the reinforce bar.

After we got off from the tower, we make our way to the harbour for a boat trip which brought us around the harbour area. Then we headed back to the conference for the final session before it ended at about 5:30pm.

Since our middle-east friends craving for some Arabic crusine, we had some Arabic food at the local Arabic restaurant before we travelled back to Bradford. The whole journey was quite pleasant and enjoyable despite the exhausting long journey and I am really looking forward to our next trip in the future. Hopefully by train !!